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And It’s Out

November 18, 2009

ThrededTweet 1.0.0 was released last night!  Click here to get it.



November 16, 2009

My current project is a iPhone Twitter app, called ThrededTweet. So called because it’s threaded by user, rather than solely by time, which make Twitter a lot more usable, in my opinion. Especially if one subscribes to someone who posts quite a bit.

I originally decided to write the app out of frustration: I didn’t find Twitter useful when 80% of the latest twenty posts available to me were by the same prolific author. But I soon realized that it was an opportunity to do some network programming, which I hadn’t done since grad school but which I think is vital for today’s software engineer.

ThrededTweet stores user information in an SQLite database, internally to the app. This is not really the best way to implement this sort of functionality (though it’s not bad), but it gave me an opportunity to try my hand at writing database queries in SQL. Storing a user name and password isn’t quite the same thing as maintaining Facebook’s database, but it’s a useful start.

So this app has turned into a nice way for me to play with some technologies–database programming and network programming–that I’m interested in, but don’t have an opportunity to use at my current job. Which, I suspect, may be the major benefit I get out of writing apps for the iPhone.

ThrededTweet is currently in review, and I hope to have it in the App Store by the end of the month.

First Post

November 10, 2009

Hi. I’m Dave Schreiber, a software developer and amateur playwright in Mountain View, CA.  I’ve created this blog so as to have a space to write about my interests: software, technology, theatre, travel, and life in the Bay Area.  A place where it doesn’t feel awkward to write more than a couple of sentences (hello, Facebook).

And yes, I suppose I should use “developer” instead of “programmer”, but “The Theatrical Developer” would make me sound like a dramaturge or something.  It’s C++ and character development. Linux and plotlines. Plus the occasional trip to New Orleans.