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Retweets ThrededTweet-style

March 24, 2010

So here’s what I settled on for representing new-style retweets in ThrededTweet. Guess which is the retweet:

I didn’t make that hard, did I?  Here’s what it looks like when you look at a retweet directly:

I like this because the addition of the picture gives an instant visual clue that this is a retweet (there is no picture there, normally). Clicking on the user icon at the bottom would open up @rschu’s user information, not @dane’s, so you can look at his tweets directly, or start following him, if you wish.

This will all be in ThrededTweet 1.3.0, which I uploaded to the App Store for approval tonight. Apple has really sped up approval times, so hopefully it will be available later this week.


March 14, 2010

So, I’ve settled on “Retweet (old-style)” old-style, “RT” retweeting, and “Retweet to Friends” for new-style retweeting:

However, that’s still not satisfying, so I’ve added an alert that pops up before a “Retweet to Friends” is completed:

But since would be annoying to tap-through before every retweet, it will only appear the first two times a user does a new-style retweet.