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The Future of the Web

January 21, 2010

Tonight, I went to a fantastic presentation at the Silicon Valley Java Users Group entitled The Future of the Web According to Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith. The short answer, as to the future of the web, was that the web will change as much in the next ten years as in the previous ten.  The story of the web over the last ten years was its transformation from static web pages (the “brochure” model) to a platform where one can write applications, albeit in a limited form. The next ten years should feature much more advanced graphics capabilities (from technologies like Canvas and CSS Transformations), to the ability of web apps to break out of their sandbox and behave like real desktop applications.

As one example of how the web experience will change, check out the Snow Stack demo. A description is here. If you have a Macintosh and Snow Leopard (i.e. MacOS 10.6.0 or later), check out the live demo here (on Safari only).